Our Ventures

Entrepreneur Talks is a weekly speaker series that brings successful entrepreneurs and executives to LSE for inspiring input and stimulating debates. Previous guests include Anne Boden (Founder of Starling Bank), Ken Mulvany (Founder of BenevolentAI), Alexander de Rothschild (CEO of Rothschild Co.) and Cyrille Vigneron (CEO of Cartier) amongst others.

Please see our Facebook page for our upcoming events.

The Big Pitch consists of a 2 hour office-tour followed by a set of 10 two-minute pitches on how to “radically improve the startup”, in front of the CEO. Students get a chance to see the insides of a startup, meet the team and impress the CEO; the startup gets the opportunity to spot potential talent, receive free marketing through the event, and are given 10 free well-thought ideas by an outside pair of eyes. 

Since its inception in 2010, Sparks – now Future Frontiers Conference – has emerged as the largest and most prestigious student-run entrepreneurship conference in the UK. We have hosted over 50 world business leaders, founders and CEO’s to inspire, lead workshops and directly network with over 450 entrepreneurial students each year. In 2018, we joined up with Imperial Entrepreneurs to look into the future. The unique collaboration of Imperial and LSE allowed us to shed light on exciting futuristic developments from all angles – from tech to finance, physics to philosophy, natural to social science. 

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Hosted in collaboration with UCLe and Imperial Entrepreneurs, the annual Start-up Fair brings together London’s finest and most competitive young businesses with the brightest students looking to enter the entrepreneurship space. In January 2018, our successful debut event saw more than 1,500 attendees meeting over 50 start-ups from all sectors. In January 2019, we sold out 3000 tickets in 5 days, and received amazing feedback from both startups and students.

The next Start-up Career Fair will take place in January 2020. Please see our Facebook page for updates.

Podcasts consists of unique podcasts of 8-10min diving into the guests’ mindset, thus inspiring entrepreneurship and thoughtfulness in our audience. Through international collaboration – in Australia, New York or Silicon Valley for example – we will offer content from a broad geographical reach.


Artificial Intelligence in Business & Ethics (AIBE) is the world’s largest non-profit AI summit. Our mission is to support the accessibility and democratisation of artificial intelligence by exploring its innovation, technology, and philosophy.

Kickstart is a 10-week program aimed at helping students build their first business from scratch, while at university.

The program runs annually from November to February, and is supported by leading investors, accelerators and startups in London. In 2018, Kickstart launched its first satellite program run in Oxford.

Please visit our website kickstartldn.co.uk for more info.

The aim of the Founders’ Club is to create a pool of resources and a value offering to LSE Founders. Our mission is to help founders learn and meet, and help them help themselves by connecting them together. As well as a semi-weekly room with drinks and pizza, we will offer access to a network of VCs, advisors, accelerators, and mentors.

The Social Innovation Academy is a platform that merges people from diverse backgrounds and guides them through the process of setting up their own social enterprise. In cooperation with numerous mentors and speakers, students will be able to gain hands-on experience in the field of social entrepreneurship while meeting new people from universities throughout London. The ultimate goal of the academy is for students to actually turn their ideas into reality by presenting their ideas to impact orientated investors and funds which are willing to promote the start-ups continuously.