Our Ventures

Talks is a weekly speaker series that brings successful entrepreneurs and executives to LSE for inspiring input and stimulating debates. Previous guests include Anne Boden (Founder of Starling Bank), Ken Mulvany (Founder of BenevolentAI), Alexander de Rothschild (CEO of Rothschild Co.) and Cyrille Vigneron (CEO of Cartier) amongst others.

Please see our Facebook page for our upcoming events.

Hosted in collaboration with UCLe and Imperial Entrepreneurs, the annual London Startup Fair brings together London’s finest and most competitive young businesses with the brightest students looking to enter the entrepreneurship space. In 2021, we saw over 1,000 participants connect with 40+ startups and VC funds over a four-day fair, with companies like AWS and top funds such as Balderton Capital participating. The London Startup Fair was awarded the Best Career Initiative by the LSE Students’ Union in 2021.

The next London Startup Fair will take place in 2022. Please see our Facebook page for updates.

Artificial Intelligence in Business & Ethics (AIBE) is the world’s largest non-profit AI summit. Our mission is to support the accessibility and democratisation of artificial intelligence by exploring its innovation, technology, and philosophy.

Welcome to the talktank! The LSE Entrepreneurs’ podcast where we delve into the minds of those who think, live, and breathe outside the box. Interviewing an array of guests from all industries, our dedicated team crafts 20-40 minute episodes dominating the entrepreneurship category!

Interviewing the fascinating humans behind Google Maps, Depop, Dazed magazine, Too Good To Go, Scalable Capital and a range of unique artists, authors, models, athletes, etc., we’re nothing short of creative! Available on Spotify, Google, Apple, and Anchor podcasts with a growing base of international listeners, you don’t wanna miss out!

The aim of the Founders’ Club is to create a pool of resources and a value offering to LSE Founders. Our mission is to help founders learn and meet, and help them help themselves by connecting them together. As well as a semi-weekly room with drinks and pizza, we will offer access to a network of VCs, advisors, accelerators, and mentors.

The Future Summit is a new, exciting initiative for the 2021/22 school year. We hope to use the Summit to explore the future of our world in different fields by inviting industry leaders, CEOs, thought leaders and innovators to London. Inspired by the Future Frontiers Conference in previous years, we hope to shed light on exciting futuristic developments from all angles – from tech to finance, physics to philosophy, natural to social science and more!

Kickstart is a 10-week program aimed at helping students build their first business from scratch, while at university. LSESU Entrepreneurs is proud to support this programme for aspiring LSE entrepreneurs.

Our newest venture. In 2021, we ran the Sustainable Investment Challenge 2021 in collaboration with the Shazam co-founder. Wanting to expand on this, we plan the entrepreneurship pitch competition co-hosted with HKPASS and the LSE VC Society and many other opportunities!